"Buy orders with the instrument cannot be facilitated by our intermediary"

I’m no longer able to buy shares in ABML, with the reason listed in the title.

  • Why can’t buy orders be facilitated by T212’s intermediary?
  • Is this a permanent or temporary change?
    • If temporary, how long can we expect this to be in place?
  • Is there any way to know which other stocks might also be affected?


Welcome to the community, @lbowes :raised_hands:

The decision was taken by our intermediary’s risk management team and is something outside of our control. We’ve contacted them again and asked for the close-only status to be revised. So, I’ll keep you posted on what they say.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict this in advance.

Thanks for the response. It’s a shame they don’t provide an explanation.

Is there a list of stocks that have been in close only mode in 2022?

Perhaps it might be useful for users to know if historically this has been applied on a stock, or if there was a pattern of credentials for stocks applied to?

Although now I’ve written that, it’s likely a subset of stocks you have restricted trading quantities on :man_shrugging:

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We won’t be able to provide a list of instruments that have previously been in close-only mode, @Dougal1984. We put this information under the trading notice of each instrument, but if you have any questions about a specific one, feel free to DM me.