Buy Sell Price Default settings

Hello t212 community , i would like to ask if is there anyway before buying a stock at invest to see the sell price ? if maybe there is a large spread. From what i know if you go at instrument details you can see both buy and sell price but is there a setting that can i use to see by default sell and buy price ? Thank you


This really is a basic feature and I cannot see any reason that it shouldn’t have been done years ago. I have HL and other accounts and this is standard. If you wish to be a premier platform how about getting some basic functionality.

Come on T212, why haven’t you answered the above question???

Poor service

If you care to look at the instrument details you will find both buy and sell prices clearly shown.


Please carefully read the original entry “before buying”, unless You are using a different version to Younglsli and I, the spread/sell price is not shown before purchase.

If you are able to see both buy and sell price prior to purchase could you please tell all interested parties how to obtain this functionality?

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I can see the same. Indicative buy/sell prices are in the app for stocks I do not hold or have not traded.

Can you please check and see if the sell price is shown on VDTK, Kodal Minerals and Anglesey Mining, it may be it’s the AIM index, not main market.

The app has the buy/sell for all showing.