Sell price on Invest accounts

Ladies and Gents,

Sell price can now be easily checked on Invest accounts, both under “Your Investment” and on “Order page” (upon placing a Sell order):

  • Available with the latest iOS & Android update.

Great. But the sale price is still not available for stock you do not already own, correct? I like to check both buy and sell prices before buying my first unit so I can understand the spread that is typical for that stock/ETF. Of course I can find it on the desktop platform.


I agree, it would be very handy to have the sell price visible also for stocks you don’t own.


Would also be helpful to see the sell price converted to £ (if its not a UK based stock) It already has a similar thing as you can see above where it converts the average price paid to £.



We will do it as soon as we clear out our current tasks. It is unfortunately not so trivial as it looks like.

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Understandable as its live selling price, so that can complicate things. Glad to hear it will be done eventually though, thanks for response

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@George can you do a net profit figure as well please?