Buying European Stock for UK resident, from US or from EU stock exchange ?)

If you want to buy European stocks through Trading 212 under S&S account, you sometimes have two options to buy it from US-OTC market or direct from one of the stock exchange in Europe. For instance

  1. Volkswagen AG
    VOW3 (or VOW) from DAX in Germany
    or VWAGY from OTC Market in the US

  2. Voestalpine AG
    VOE from Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse) In Vienna
    or VLPNY from OTC Market in the US

Both stocks are paying dividends. From UK resident perspectives both involve currency exchange rates and exchange rate goes on both direction so this one I will exclude from decision making.

In term of cost of buying / selling them, withholding tax on dividend, stamp duty (if any) or other things that you think is relevant to decision making; Which one do you think is better, to buy them from the US OTC market or from EU stock market ??


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You could buy both and see if there is a difference in tax paid?

Normally I would just go with the exchange with greater liquidity.