Buying Shares in Equity (Invest)


I am quite new to the share market and am planning to invest in 2 companies for the long term (3-5 years)

For example, If I want to buy the 10 shares from Apple and each share costs $100 and I invested $1000 in Apple.

  1. In 3 years if the value of the total shares is $500 and can I withdraw the $500 (Making a loss of $500 in the investment)?

  2. Is there any intermediate investments in that period which I have to do it compulsory without my sole interest?

I guess I can leave it after investing $1000 for the next 3-5years, right?

Kindly enlighten me.

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Not sure what you’re asking. You can always sell your shares at a loss or a gain according to the current price and withdraw that money. Why should there be any compulsory intermediate investment? 3-5 years is medium rather than long term.

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you only need to do the transactions you feel you need to make in order to invest successfully. the platform has no fee’s and no activity restrictions that need to be taken into consideration.

although, responding to the example, I am not sure that apple would be a good company to buy and hold for so long if you aren’t planning to add to it over the next 3-5 years and you just left your account alone. you will get better returns if you can make additions to your portfolio over that time period.

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