New 2 or 3xApple/Microsoft etc ETFS

Could someone explain how what these are and how they work? Im guessing its like a leverage but are there any fees? Because i bought some apple 3x but was still in negative the next day eventhough the share was higher up compared to my average. The exchange rate didnt chsnge much either during the intial purchase (was about 1.30 first and about 1.309 when i was in negative)

I don’t truly understand your question but it sounds like you’ve traded leveraged ETFs/ETPs without understanding ‘decay’. Google it. Yes, there are fees - they are built into the price. They are usually higher to account for the admin of providing the leverage behind the scenes.

It’s perhaps a pertinent time to point out it’s generally considered safer to understand what you’re buying in to before buying it.

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Hello @DanR,

You can always check the issuer website for the information that you are seeking: Leverage Shares

From our side, no fees are being accumulated.

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Hey @DanR,

If you have any questions on how the products work or are still having some issues, I’d be happy to provide more info about them.


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