CAL Capital & Regional missing dividend

Could anyone advise me when I can expect my dividend payment from CAL it was due To be paid on the 24th, I’ve tried contacting 212 by email but have received no reply yet again

Same here!
I have sent them multiple emails, and no response. It has been exactly 5 business days since June 24th.

I’ve now received my dividend but only for 8.8p when it should of been 11p per share

Touche! I have emailed them about this

They’ve told me it’s due to 20% tax which is wrong it’s not their place to tax me when I’m under the uk tax allowance with my dividends @David who do I speak to to rectify this

All they have mentioned to me so far is that my request is under review and to hold tight @Ivan @David

What worries me is how many people will just overlook it and not know

I think I’ve sussed it CAL are a REIT you get taxed on their dividends from what I’ve just read. Everydays a school day as they say

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