Paid Coca Cola Dividend lower than expected


I just recieved a Coca Cola Dividend at $0.35 per ORD share, however: reports the div should be $0.41 per share.

Why the discrepancy between Trading212s notification of payment and what Coca Cola (KO) announced on their site?


it is the 15% tax
@Vedran where is the popcorn :blush:DIT ( 0.41 - 15%*0.41 =0,3486 or aprox 0.35 - i think you received a little 0.02 bonus

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Witholding tax ? To me seems 15% deduced in line with most EU country treaty with USA.

Popcorn is reserved for negative/hate posts :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


My bad then. I guess i will just drink the soda

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