Call 911, Porsche is live on Trading 212!

Europe’s largest IPO makes its debut today.

To pay homage to its most iconic model, Porsche AG released 911 million shares at a current valuation of $72B (€75B).

Let us know what you think - is it well worth the ride?

As with all investments, your capital is at risk.


Personally, I would wait until we can have some sort of analysis, buying now is just a leap of faith and a gamble. This company is owned by Volkswagen and lets not forget the scandals.

Afaik these are non-voting shares. You will have zero control overt the future of your investment.

You would need a decent majority of shares to have voting rights, the only control you will gain with investment is the analysis. That way you know when to get in, when to hold and when to sell.