Thoughts on Xpeng (XPEV)?

What do you guys think about thier upcoming IPO? The specs on their cars look quite promising. Also like the fact they have a Smart OS which will generate income from 3rd party apps…


The cars seem to be pretty decent fully charged has a good review of the P7. It looks kind of like Volvo.

I haven’t looked into the IPO it could be good or the EV makers are a Buble. Time will tell

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I like their cars a lot, but I’m personally over-inflated on EVs in the folio so won’t be taking a position on IPO.

Do you know when the IPO is happening?

Yes, Today!

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Thanks for sharing it’s a good review

Where you seeing today? All the calendars I’ve seen say it’s priced today and live tomorrow…


I was actually planning to get in on this one, not on IPO but somewhere on the teacup pattern. but the valuation seems very expensive and my initial thought was most of the shares will float with this value. But apparently already companies “showed” interest for half of the ADSs thats going to be released.

One thing to keep in mind due to their triple class share vote structure this cannot go in indexes like S&P500

@David Will this be added please?

Yeah I want in on this one too. Can we get a date confirmed?

I don’t believe it’s today

hmm on a related note, this dude seems to agree with me about how actually expensive it is.
although what do I (or him) know, things sell for random prices these days :clown_face:

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As much as I would love to get on this one, EV market seems to be getting overcrowded.
Having said that…I’ll probably be regretting my decision later.

I’ll be requesting this in the morning IPO post. Fear not!

Wicked, thanks Joey!

I’ve been reading about this for days, I don’t want to miss out. Do you think they will list

This is now on the Invest platform and will go live later this afternoon.

What time?

Can’t find it on the economic calendar.

Massively over valued at IPO. (Worth $5 to $7 share)

Technology stolen from Tesla.(lawsuit) Xpeng p7 nice car. Looks nice and the guy running the show went to American College.
But really these china :cn: state benefit companies should stay in China where they get away with theft and supported by their goverment.

Sales figures poor: May sold 300 cars, June 400 cars, July 1000 cars and August IPO for billions on NASDAQ (Joke of company)

No real sales. Losing massive amounts of money. Carried out 400 million private raise to keep it Solvant for the IPO. (Just buy Tesla if you want EV company)

Isn’t anyone else worried by these EV companies from China for the benefit of china.
Nvidia A.I chip running the self driving. Xpeng is a china state manipulated EV company who will steal tech to make EVs for Chinese people and they want the west to finance it.

Just Amazing.
Surprised this wasn’t a SPAC actual ipo


The timing of IPO launches is different every time.

I’m responding to comments on saying this is a rip off of Tesla. What about all the different brands of combustible engines? All big car companies are bringing EV to the market.