Cambria tender offer

Hi, is it possible to tender shares of $camb automobiles listed on LSE AIM? Currently the management has an approved take private offer at this price of 82.5p which has reached 75% threshold. This offer will only stay open for 14 days from tomorrow after which the shares will be delisted from AIM. Obviously I do not want to hold unlisted shares but nor do I want to sell them at market price of 80p when there is an open tender offer higher. Thus is it possible to tender and if not why not?


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We do not have access to this particular event and respectively, we will not be able to offer it to shareholders.

Any remaining Cambria Shareholders (unless their Cambria Shares are acquired by Bidco pursuant to the “squeeze-out” provisions of Chapter 3 of Part 28 of the Companies Act) would become minority shareholders in a majority controlled private limited company, and may therefore be unable to sell their Cambria Shares. There can be no certainty that Cambria would pay any further dividends or other distributions or that such minority Cambria Shareholders would again be offered an opportunity to sell their Cambria Shares on terms that are equivalent to or no less advantageous than those under the Final Cash Offer.

@Bogi.H Can you confirm what will happen with the unlisted shares under 212’s Nominee account if investors do not sell their shares in advance of the company going private.

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