Can I get the instrument list in an excel sheet?

I want to invest in some ETF’s but lack of search functionality on the platform is making it difficult to review them. Could we please get the instrument list in an excel sheet please?


+1 for that request @Team212

I’ll build you a list… give me 5 minutes

@akorn77 @Ashige

Here you go, shared G Sheet

or download as CSV here.>…


Amazing buddy, thanks alot! How did you do this btw? Would be good to know so i can do it myself in future @Finki

A little underhanded reverse engineering of the Trading 212 APIs :open_mouth:

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Also made a searchable web page for you… use the Search to filter and drill down… use the “Finki” logo to drill into the underlying holding of the ETFs (if available)

++ was a quick hack… likely some errors… bear with me !!! ++


@Finki you’re legend here already, much appreciate your efforts

Much appreciated

Sadly not that appreciated as I recently got banned from the Freetrade Community…despite being an early employee !!!

I “think” I was employee number 9… but I could be wrong!

Either way… whatever… I wish them the best. No ill feeling. I like what they’re doing. But not always “how” they are doing it


Welcome over here any day.

Just had a poke around your site, good stuff man. Will have a proper look tomorrow. It’s got to be said though, I think you might owe the Flutter gods half a pint for that logo. haha

I’ll see you in court, Sir

this is just beating around the bush IMO. a public API to fetch this information will allow people to build tools to extract the data and process it however you want, even output excel sheets, so we should be asking for a public API instead of the excel sheet

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Theres discrepancies between the excel sheet and the instruments on the platform. Some on the spreadsheet arent on the platform and some on the platform arent on the sheet.

Quick update for those asking.
This is hacked from the Trading 212 securities data as at 5th Jan 2021.
Any newly added instruments won’t immediately show up in here. It’s static.

'FinKi - ETFs

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@Finki is your spreadsheet up to date? :upside_down_face: