Ability to see all stocks available to trade

I hate being that guy, and I know it is in the pipeline, but: when will we be able to see all the stocks available on the platform via the app, rather than just seeing the 3000ish number? I know you can search by ticker, but I personally find my request more easy to use.

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I just scrape them out. Pretty easy.
I can drop you a spreadsheet dump if it helps

Although easy if you know how to extract doesn’t really help the 700,000 most of which wouldn’t know how or shouldn’t need to jump though hoops to work out what we now have available.

:crossed_fingers:Hopefully T212 give an update next week after adding the next batch and this time they have added the folder to each instrument.

I assume nobody wants to draw the short straw and sit there going through each one. It should be rather trival as they have the sector and industry on a lot but it’s quite time consuming. They spoke of a better way of batch adding so hopefully they have some new magic to get them all set.


Still might make my own searchable version … then people can use it or not…


Would be great! Please share in a post if you made it and felt like sharing it.

Can I have access to the sheet Finki if you don’t mind? I’ve given up updating my sheet manually every week. Don’t know how to harvest data automatically - or show me the way senpai.


I have no idea how. It would be really appreciated!

I’d certainly appreciate that in the meantime. :+1:t2:

Also willing to learn. I’m nowhere close to that sort of technical sorcery.

Quick 30 second hack here >>>>


Auto extracted duplicates, futures, cfds, forex and indices… so leaving only Stocks and ETFS…

@disbon @Joey_Fantana @ffp3_mask

Something like the above would simply sit in a database… however my query is how to auto “tag” stuff to make it searchable on demand… ie… search “airlines” and get all airline stocks, search “pe > 30” or “ftse 250” etc etc… This is completely do-able…but not immediately… I’d actually have to bother to sit down and work on it for a few hours… but the above is super easy and fast at least… But making it “seachable” has been on my radar for ages… but I’m too lazy and usually drunk!



Thank you sir.

Thanks. No Sober October? :rofl:

You’re the boss :smile:

Thank you!

Holy Hell, No.

Gotta do something with my time :upside_down_face:

I done 30+ folders by category and separated 40 in each. For some even I made 2 folders :sweat_smile:

I didn’t realise T212 offered so many markets. It’s nice to see that list.

And more are coming :ok_hand:t2:

Some of the markets listed are CFD only, eg. ASX.

Just for clarity.