Export List of ETFs


is it possible to get a list of all ETFs on Trading212 that can be exported to Excel?


See here

I made a slow but easy way to export all T212 stock universe, then just separate the ETFs…


It’s very slow so be patient… a good 20
Seconds or more sometimes for the whole universe . If you only need ETFs I can probably adapt it


Finki - thank you for this. Very clever and I have no idea how you do that! Not all ETFs have ‘ETF’ in their title so makes it difficult to separate out. If there was a way to just get ETFs from T212 that would be great.



Actually, i might be wrong. Looks like they do all have ETF in title. Is there a way to import this list to Excel/Google docs so that it separates out by comma separated values. I’ll try that first. Thanks

Managed to import and filter easily in Google docs, leaving the 294 ETFs. Thanks Finki, very helpful.

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You’re welcome
Enjoy :blush:

I made another ‘thing’ (cos I’m a nerd) where you can see the underlying of most ETFS… so search for a stock… See what ETFs hold that stock… you get the point


(Known issue with synthetic ETFs… I pick up the collateral positions instead of the true underlying assets, oops, :neutral_face: sorry)