Can I have an ISA live in UK but taxed in Ireland?

I can’t seem to find a straight forward answer to this online. I currently live in the UK but work for a company in the Republic of Ireland. Because I work in Ireland does that mean I can’t get an ISA?

Hope this helps

It doesn’t matter where your employer is based; if you are subject to UK tax you can make use of the tax advantages of an ISA. Having said that if you live in the UK I’m not sure why you are paying tax in Ireland.

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Because you pay tax on your salary automatically in the country your work is in. I work in Ireland but live in the UK

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Got you. As a cross border worker in NI (I assume) you are taxed in the Republic, but also submit a UK tax return declaring foreign income. . You are still subject to UK tax - I assume that the only Irish tax you pay is Income, whereas an ISA wrap is as much about CGT; you would benefit from the tax relief of an ISA.


There’s a few good accountants in Belfast lol can’t wait to see mine and tell him about the trading to see what he can do with it :slight_smile: legal loopholes are a blessing to us all