Can I transfer my Canadian Stocks to T212? Urgent

Can anyone shed some light on my issue? I have a Local Trading platform (Cisco Xnet) that will be dropping support for my Canadian stocks. I am currently in huge loss due to the entry time of the Cannabis Stock back in 2018.

Today the platform gives me the option to transfer or sell them. Are you able to receive these stocks in my portfolio in T212?

Stocks are: ACB.CA (Aurora Cannabis), RIV.CA (Riv Capital Inc) & TLRY.CA (Tilray Brands)

I know I know bags in general but I have about 5K invested in them and don’t want to force sale with huge loss.

T212 doesn’t support Canadian stocks, so no.

And a stock or its $ equivalent is the same thing, in money term. There is no such thing as “realizing a loss”; if anything, if you have capital gain tax, it may even be beneficial :person_shrugging: