Can we add Cardano crypto asap please?

Can we please add Cardano (ADA) to the crypto list?

It’s actually a much better crypto than some that we have and, it has institutional backing behind it.

This coin is undervalued and one that I believe this community would do great in trading.

Market Cap at present is $1.76 billion

Daily average trading volume $380 million

Current price $0.06


Please can we get Cardano (ADA) on the crypto’s list to trade

Bumping this up and tagging staff @David @George @Team212


@David @Tony.V @George @Team212 can we get this implemented please

Stats as of time of posting

Cardano (ADA) $0.133690

Market cap $3,466,198,375

24hr Tasing Volume $1,127,994,149

Circulating supply 25,927,070,538

Can we get a Dogecoin? The whole market is currently a joke, let us play with joke crypto too.

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Dogecoin has been an underdog for many years now and price is reflecting of its true value.

Cardano has actual use cases and institutional backing. Will be a €1.00 per coin in no time

price of original posting $0.06 todays price $0.13 :see_no_evil:

Trading212 openly said that cryptos are not the focus at the moment. It would be nice to have everything on one platform but I doubt that Trading212 will do staking for Cardano.

I personally want the full benefit of Cardano and want to stake it. Hope you bought already and Hodling.

bought into Cardano 3 years ago. CFD mode for it would be great not staking

@David @Tony.V @Team212 @George can we get this added please

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@Cashurkash We won’t be adding new cryptos any time soon.

can we please get ADA listed @David its actually got more use cases and is in the runnings to take over ETH blockchain

If they are planning on adding to CFD there’s now a ~50 day deadline.

After Jan 6 UK won’t be able to buy Crypto instruments that tracks an underlying asset because the FCA are backward thinking / banks are worried.

what’s classed as an instrument though lol banks should be scared there rein is up and time to move on for the new kid on the block

Basically you will only be allowed to buy the coin itself. So no CFDs or ETNs. That means BTCE will be sell only next year (for UK)

does it matter though that its via DE? So technically not UK

I don’t know how T212 will handle it. I’m sure they’ll be a post in the next two weeks from @David @George or @Martin to give a heads up, so people can load up ahead on the ban on buying. What I do know is you will be able to hold and sell.

Hopefully they don’t extend it out to other countries otherwise it’s not great if everyone is holding and potentially no-one buying and destroy the liquidity.

Positive from the negative it will create a lot of scarcity so potential to push price up. ADA and TRON your laughing as can stake them and get rewards while its sitting idol

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