Can we add Cardano crypto asap please?

Can we please add Cardano (ADA) to the crypto list?

It’s actually a much better crypto than some that we have and, it has institutional backing behind it.

This coin is undervalued and one that I believe this community would do great in trading.

Market Cap at present is $1.76 billion

Daily average trading volume $380 million

Current price $0.06


Please can we get Cardano (ADA) on the crypto’s list to trade

Bumping this up and tagging staff @David @George @Team212


@David @Tony.V @George @Team212 can we get this implemented please

Stats as of time of posting

Cardano (ADA) $0.133690

Market cap $3,466,198,375

24hr Tasing Volume $1,127,994,149

Circulating supply 25,927,070,538

Can we get a Dogecoin? The whole market is currently a joke, let us play with joke crypto too.

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Dogecoin has been an underdog for many years now and price is reflecting of its true value.

Cardano has actual use cases and institutional backing. Will be a €1.00 per coin in no time

price of original posting $0.06 todays price $0.13 :see_no_evil:

Trading212 openly said that cryptos are not the focus at the moment. It would be nice to have everything on one platform but I doubt that Trading212 will do staking for Cardano.

I personally want the full benefit of Cardano and want to stake it. Hope you bought already and Hodling.

bought into Cardano 3 years ago. CFD mode for it would be great not staking

@David @Tony.V @Team212 @George can we get this added please

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@Cashurkash We won’t be adding new cryptos any time soon.