Stock Add Request - NYSE:DAO (Youdao Inc)

Good afternoon @David @Martin @PeterA

Can you add NYSE:DAO to the queue of stock requests please?

Is there any update on the overall stock-add pipeline now that the Pies beta is out the way?

Cheers guys,



Bet this gets added by close of markets today, you’re some kind of broker whisperer. :laughing:

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Ha ha, no chance - plenty of my requests still sitting in the queue.

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Just give 'em a gentle reminder or three! :grin:

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Ha ha I hope everyone realises those are IPO requests and the vast majority I don’t even invest in… :grimacing:

Haha, I’m not sure they do. I like how those reminders escalate throughout the day: gentle reminder, not-so gentle reminder, and so on. What comes after urgent reminder? ‘Oh Dave, pull your finger out mate?’ :laughing:

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Ha ha - thankfully for him it hasn’t come to that yet. :smile:


Right, couldn’t resist going back through my posts.

So here are my unanswered requests;

KRX:005380 (Hyundai Motor Company) - haven’t even been told the exchange is unavailable yet :wink:
LSE:WPC (Witan Pacific)
LSE:BPCR (Biopharma Credit)
LSE:WYN (Wynnstay)
OTCMKTS:GBTC (Grayscale Bitcoin Trust)
LSE:RMAU (HANetf Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC)
LSE:BTCE (HANetf Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto)
LSE:EMQQ (HANetf Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce UCITS ETF - Acc)
LSE:SKYY (HANetf Cloud Technology UCITS ETF - Acc)
LSE:WELL (HANetf Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF - Acc)
LSE:ITEK (HANetf Tech Megatrend Equal Weight UCITS ETF)
LSE:KUW8 (HANetf Kuwait Equity UCITS ETF - Acc)
LSE:CBDX (HANetf Medical Cannabis and Wellness UCITS ETF - Acc)
LSE:MMLP (HANetf Alerian Midstream Energy Dividend UCITS ETF - Dist)
OTCMKTS:EVUS (EV Charging USA, Inc.)
LSE:HZM (Horizonte Minerals)
FRA:HFG (Hellofresh SE)

Think I lucked out with one non-IPO request, which was AQST and got added later that week. Timing was right, caught them on a lunch break or something. :slight_smile: