Are Stock IPO's possible

Is it possible for future IPO’s to be listed on 212, so we would have the opportunity to buy on the day of IPO?
Such as with HL where you register interest in a particular IPO


I second that! It would be great if possible.

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@kaijones If there’s a US IPO of adequate size, we can have it live at IPO day, even during the very first quotes.

Is there any particular IPO that you’re interested in?

It was more of general question, what would be the turn around from if I found an IPO I was interested in, to having it put on the platform

@kaijones Let us know which IPOs you’re interested in & we’ll see whether we can have them available on IPO day.

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Hi, can you add the Azek Co and Vroom IPO’s happening this week please? Also can you add the Renaissance IPO ETF please? Thanks