Lemonade (LMND) to be added after IPO

Lemonade will IPO soon & i’d like it added. It will be on the NYSE under ticker symbol LMND.

Question is, how long after the IPO can this be added.


If you tag someone from team there is huge chance to be able to invest on IPO day as it happen for example with Warner Music on 3rd of June

@Ashige Who should I tag.

@David Forgot to tag

David Team212 George you can all of them at once

The one and only Dave.

@David Hey dave, some guys here want to jump on this stock upon IPO day. Please help out. :slight_smile:

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This IPO is scheduled for 2nd July.

I’ll be requesting it that morning or the morning before but the team are great for adding IPOs swiftly.




Up early and ready to buy that stock! Hope they add it soon.