Can you add Bumble BMBL? Their IPO is going live tomorrow (Thurs 11th Feb)

Dating app Bumble is having their IPO tomorrow. Would you be able to add their ticker (BMBL) to your site in time for the launch tomorrow?


This is going to be interesting tomorrow. Especially after a volatile day such as today. Most likely it will open above $65 for us retail guys and gals but will have to see :wink:

Being lazy, but does anyone have a link to the details to check it out and try and place a fair value for an entry point on this?

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You might want to check if the SEC has more up to date documents as when I have looked at USA IPOs before they seem to issue updated documents to the SEC up to pretty much the day of them arriving onto the market, but I assume that they won’t change much. Plus it seems like this one is from only a few days ago.

Let me know your thoughts. I am very interested in seeing whether you thin it is worth it.

I don’t want to influence you, but at a potential market cap of 7.2 Billion USD the statements look poor. I am not keen based on what I saw. I did ot have time to look through their forward statements though and their current strategy, I just looked at the “past” (Income statement, balance sheet, number of paying users (maybe also total users), etc).
I was more interested before looking into it then after.

@Joey_Fantana will probably cover it.
He does a great job for the community forum :smiley: .


If we will switch any logic off then in these market conditions it can easily do some 4X just to have a similar valuation as Match Group (MTCH) (Market Cap 45.502B). :cupid: :smile:


Can anybody buy it yet? Keep on getting rejected.