Bumble IPO. Interested Dating Stock?

I tried Bumble but sadly isn’t for me. Especially when it tells me to pay to see who liked my profile.

What is everyone’s prediction Price on the IPO?

Guessing $30 myself


What would this value the company at?

I’m assuming a slight discount to the Sales multiple of Match Group ( Match has better monetised properties and much larger range across the world)

Assuming they gun out $500m sales in 2021, I would say $6-$7bn market cap.

Although wouldn’t be surprised if it doubles on opening day and ends with $15bn market cap.


The post below you has a better valuation than mine.

I would have said $100 million but no clue.

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Can they survive? Match .com owns Tinder and a few other dating apps including Hinge (becoming popular these days). I could see them buying out Bumble

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Founder of Bumble is also the co-founder of Tinder, she left due to some issues and disputes.

So maybe in the long term, they could merge, unlikely in the short term though.
But it’s a very large, growing market, so plenty of space for lots of players.

And each app has some unique features and ideas behind them.
TInder - meat market, you’re bascially there to get laid.
Bumble - lots more info about yourself, only women can make first move.
Hinge - again lots more info about yourself and different features.


Will the shareholders get some extra points when using the app? :neutral_face:


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Seems a little steep to me, then again I have little idea how these apps work beyond a subscription🤷