IPOs expected TODAY (Vroom and Azek)

@David would you mind adding Azek (AZEK) and Vroom (VRM), both of which are pre-IPO and expected this week, to the platform please?

(moving this from another thread to give it a bit more exposure)




+1 for VROOM

Any chance this can be done, as they go on the market today.


Vroom (VRM) is expected today. @David I know @Team212 are busy with the beta testing but is there any chance this can be added today please?

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@David it has already gone live. pls add soon

All ready doubled the price

will be down soon. will be a good entry

@George not sure if @david is available but an urgent request. Can someone action please?

I love using trading212 but my biggest issue is the lack of stocks available and no insight into what when or if stocks will be added, so little feedback regarding this kind of information.

Getting in early on new IPOs is very time sensitive and we’ve missed out on this one which is a shame. :cry:


Yeah like I say the team are probably up to their ears with beta but this topic has been live for 7hrs and we’ve lost out on a good opportunity. Hopefully still some chance of benefitting yet.

Perhaps an actively managed section of the forum dedicated to IPO releases and calendar might be a solution.

Yep more info would be great.

Hopefully once they have the management of corporate events automated it will mean stocks will rarely need to be requested?

Just seen this thread, I think today must have been a busy day for staff :scream: June 2020 US IPO stocks on T212? - #11 by David

This is painful.

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@David @Team212 @George bumping this one again to keep relevant.

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Bumping again. @David please respond.

Plus 1 for VROOM

Please also add ARYA!

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Bumping again until @George @David @Team212 can address. Already confirmed that IPOs would be addressed same day if raised on the day. AZEK is due tomorrow I believe and VRM still pending.
Please respond.

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And again to see if this time of day helps get it attention and @George @David @Team212 please see below the thread suggesting the formalisation of the IPO process. Thanks

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Really sorry about missing VRM, AZEK’s on the platform & will be available the moment the IPO’s live.


Thanks @David - has VRM since been added also?

@AdrianUK VRM is up mate.

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+1 for ARYA please, that would be great