Can you add VTIAX/VXUS equivalent

Hello guys,

Could you add an equivalent to Vanguard’s VTIAX/VXUS?

Hey @ravioli :wave:

Which alternative, in particular, would you like to see get added to the platform?


I couldn’t find any UCITS etf
I was hoping you would know anything that follows: FTSE Global All Cap ex US Index.
But anything without the US market would work.

Have a look at the underlying holdings of the life strategy funds. You could build a basket of non US ETFs instead.

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I’ll look into that

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If anyone else is searching for this I found what looks best at the moment:
JPM Global Emerging Markets Research Enhanced Index Equity
iShares Core MSCI Europe EUR

The first one covers asia, south africa, and south america.
The second one is all european.
That combined with sp500 and you got pretty much the whole world covered

Hey Blagovest,

Would it be possible to add:
JPM Global Emerging Markets Research Enhanced Index Equity
but from an European union listing. I can see them have one from Borsa Italiana.

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I’ve passed your suggestion along for a review, @ravioli. Once the team informs me whether we’ll be able to move forward with it and add it to the platform, I’ll update the thread. :v:

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Hi, @B.E

Is T212 already adding new ETFs?

If so I have several requests since 6 months ago for addition of new UCITS compatible ETFs that are available in IBKR. :wink:

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