Can you please add ASTR,TNXP, SNDL on cfd

Can you please add ASTR,TNXP, SNDL on CFD

What do you want to know exactly? My advice is to stay away from CFDs until you get a strong understanding of them as it is possible to lose your money very fast.

Edit: Sorry - read this as ‘can I please ask’!

Hi , I don’t want to know anything just want them to be available for trading.

And by the way you can lose your money same way with invest account to , look at the most of the stocks how they lost the value in the past one year.

You don’t get forced to sell in stocks.

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Sundial Growers, Inc. (SNDL) & Astra Space, Inc. (ASTR) are both available for trading in CFD accounts. Enjoy.

As for Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (TNXP), it has a small market cap, and trading with it might cause liquidity issues hence we won’t add it at this point.

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When the stock it’s going the wrong direction you will have to cover your shares (it’s free) then you won’t be forced to sell anything and you can wait for the bottom or top and close one of your position. Otherwise you losing your time and money.

But it’s not free to do that? And you may not have the cash?

If you are open long with 100 shares you can open short with 100 shares for free. You only pay interest if you hold over the night.