Canada is 5.7% of world, there's no Canadian ETF

HSBC ETFS PLC MSCI CANADA UCITS ETF USD (GBP) (HCAN) is the cheapest ETF that tracks the Canadian market. At the moment, as far as I can see, there isn’t a single ETF in your database that tracks this market. Hard to create a portfolio for retirement with such a large chunk of the planet off limits.

You guys have HSBC Turkey and not Canada, just saying :slight_smile:

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VNRT, which includes Canada, is on the platform if you’re desparate for exposure. Performance and cost is similar to VUSA.

That fund is 93% VUSA. It’s not about including Canada. Many world indexes include Canada. It’s about isolating it

Fair enough I was just trying to be helpful by pointing out a reasonable alternative in the absence of a country-specific ETF.

What you said would definitely be helpful in getting some Canada exposure. What I’m trying to do is build a developed world ex USA etf. Obviously including USA makes that not work out. No way for you to have known that was my aim. Thanks for the comment. I still find it funny that there’s a Turkish ETF and not a Canadian one!

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Aha. That makes sense. We could do with a load more country-specific ETFs. It’d be useful for folk who want to overweight some, such as the so-called Bric and Mint counties.

I agree! This would be highly useful. Singling out one of the worlds largest markets surely had to happen. I have seen a few posts requesting the same so hopefully this happens soo .