Hi again,
I’m liking to idea of picking funds, forgetting them and just adding funds to them each month. I read somewhere that Vanguard used to have their company employee investment scheme paid into the VOO fund, they have now changed this to their VTI total stock market fund. Are we then to believe this might be the better investment? If so i don’t think that fund is available to us in the UK.
I have put both funds side by side in performance and VTI seems to outperform VOO. Would the VNRT be the nearest to a total US fund? I have also put this fund in side by side charts and this one does seem to pretty much match VUSA apart from the last few months where it has now started to outperform it, i think!
Any views on these two or am i just over complicating things, thanks again…

I think VNRT is the closest ETF we have to VTI, although with only 666 stocks it’s some way off the 3000+ in VTI.

I personally go with VNRT as opposed to an S&P 500 tracker. It includes some Canadian exposure, more mid caps, plus Tesla which is still not part of S&P 500. Doubt there will be much difference between them over longer term tho

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