Candles and price for ACB foo-barred

(Shouldn’t there be a forum for bugs/issues?)

As title for ACB on one-minute chart. Notice price on right-hand column. Also, to a lesser degree on 5-min chart etc. Pls see image:

C’mon T212, US market’s opening in 8mins and this is mangled

@MikeC I assume you’re referring to Aurora Cannabis EQ, not CFD?

The price does indeed vary by 1 cent but that will not affect the execution price. Your order will still be executed at the NBBO (National Best Bid and Offer).

Yes, sorry: Aurora Cannabis. And on the desktop, too.

No, I was referring to the chart (since *fixed) and the pricing, as displayed in the right-hand axis of the chart (although I do now see the price discrepancy you talk about - new issue to me).

  • I say ‘fixed’, although it doesn’t match-up to Trading View’s price action on its daily chart.

Trading View
(Note the 2 highlighted candles)

(Note the flat candles, highlighted - I’ve not intensively studied other differences)


Also, just noticed a similar issue with SOLO (Electrameccanica), plus the date of the last candle is wrong: