Graphic is showing wrong

Hi Guys, why is the graph is showing wrong compared to the price brought . specially Now when the US market opening.

Try use other platform to check the charts. Check TradingView

What graph and stock was this regarding? Do you have a screenshot or remember what you saw? What price did you buy at and what were you expecting?

Hi Phidawson. The graph issues happened when i am seeing US30 and US100 charts.

As i change between 1min to 5min and 30 min. The bars keep disappearing!

it happened for many of the charts during 2:30pm to 3:30pm and kicking me out of the trading 212 platform. This is not the first time, which makes diffcult to trading at the opening of the US market :frowning:

Your screengrab contains your email so you might want to edit and remove.

When you say disappears? I’m not sure what you’re highlighting with the red circle? Each candle represents 30 mins and I can’t see any missing?

When you say wrong price? I assume you went long, the chart by default shows the bid in CFD

If you right click you can swap it to show the ask instead and you should find the candle where you bought.

I’m sorry 18.ganesh, I want to back you up but I didn’t bother taking a screenshot of my charts with missing bars at US market open. I did notice, however, that my charts corrected when I switched from CFD to INVEST and back to CFD.

@Team212 Please look into this issue. I had a chat with one of your reps in July in relation to this but it appears that this has not been fixed.


Thanks for the reply phildawson. I think I didnt not manage to take a proper screenshot when it happen. A 1 min chart would have explained for appropriately. If it happens again i will get back to you guys.

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