Candle chart fix

Can you finally fix charts ? for example SPX 500 trading212 vs tradingview

It seems you’re looking at a Heikin-Ashi chart on the bottom and regular candle chart on the top.

no, these are normal candles just look it up yourself lol

You’re right, they are different. No idea, maybe the mods will clear it up.

The candle “height” is on different scale for both. As for the OHLC, I believe that the difference you see is from the different seconds our platform and tradingView “close” the candle. Also, there is the matter of quote providers.
You are currently asking us to “copy/emulate” tradingView. There is nothing broken that requires fixing in the functionality.

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Just being curious, why would the TradingView chart be more accurate than T212?

Its not only SPX. Literally other stocks has the same problem. For example COTY…

@songomen I’ve explained in great detail in another post why our charts (EQ/CFD) are to be considered a lot more accurate than TradingView.

TradingView use a last trade price which just shows you what a stock has been traded for, it’s not based on either BID or ASK.