Cannabis Stocks

Has anyone invested into this growing (no pun intended) market?

If so what ones do you think are the better buy?

I’m considering it as the medical and legal distribution is expanding in the US and looks to land firmly in Europe in the coming months. I’ve read it could triple in next 5 years.


Can you link the source where it says cannabis is coming to Europe?

EU regulations are quite uptight (not necessarily a bad thing), I doubt this will gain traction in EU, but many states in the US seem willing to ease regulations

I am personally not a fan of that. I got little exposure through IIPR

I’m buying monthly in my pies, after receiving my salary 15% no mater where the market is.
I’m investing for the long term 10-20 years.
No cannabis stock in my portfolio.


$HITIF best upside
do your DD

I was reading a few articles, some on Fool like this:

Which gives Europe nations allowing medical use.
Can’t find the specific post about going wider later this year now.

you could check ETF “Rize Medical Cannabis and Life Sciences UCITS ETF Class Acc” (ticker FLWR), I got couple hundred $ in for fun.

I’ve got a “Spacecake” pie been running a while now currently up just over 50%. Some new ones I’d like to add in but can’t as not in the pie library as of yet

I have noticed that some of the cannabis stocks are not available to bring in a pie, I did wonder why?

Thanks for that, looks a decent etf

$SNDL, $CRBP in short terms, but as the US Democrats starts changing legislation in favour of recreational marihuana in all states (senate voting this week for Virginia), I’d say most names are going to run.
I’m also keeping an eye on two weed spacs with no merger target yet: $GNRS and $MCMJ

So this came up on sky news

Looking to float on Ftse soon

CDU and SPD, don’t worry about those losers, I can see a lot of vending machines CBD, but in future there could be THC also legalized.

I don’t know why but there seems to be a load of these companies in the Denver area. Is Colorado a relaxed state on this?