Cannot add stock to pie

Hi, new to the platform. Want to get my annual ISA sub invested ASAP. I’m trying to build a pie, but one stock (which is available on the platform): NIC inc (ticker EGOV) does not appear when searching in the pie builder window.

Is this a glitch or can this single stock not be added to a pie for some reason?

edit: After encountering 2 more stocks, I’ve determined it’s because “min traded quantity” = 1. So I will have to go through and buy these individually instead of a pie (even though I’d be buying >1 stock in my pie). The other 2 stocks are Ubiquiti & Exponent Inc.


NIO’s not eligible to be held in an Isa due to HMRC rules, I’m afraid.

Sorry, what’s NIO? ty

Welcome to the community. Yes, EGOV is not yet available as a fractional share, which is required for pies. Eventually I expect it will be made fractional. More and more shares are being made fractional each week.

Apologies, read NIC as NIO at a glance. The problem’s because EGOV etc are not fully fractional yet, so can’t be added to a pie. They’ll be added before too long, keep an eye out for the little ‘F’ symbol on a stock’s logo.

Perfect, thanks for the reply.