Stock available for investment but not in pies


I searched the answer but haven’t found anything straight forward, so here we go:
(all in ISA account) I can find some stocks when looking for them directly, but they don’t show up when trying to add them to pies. It seems that those stocks offer fractionals so it is not the question of only fractional stocks being available to add into pies.

Any idea?

What stocks are you looking at?

You can only add stocks and ETFs to pies that are available as fractional shares. Not all of them are available for fractional shares yet. They will be when the feature is released to all users.

Hello, sorry for the delay in my answer, I thought I sent an answer on the same day when I finally found my answer. :see_no_evil:
Those stocks offer fractional shares as I stated, they just didn’t appear because my app wouldn’t load properly. Cheers!