Cannot buy 1 stock

Done :white_check_mark:

We reduced the instrument’s max quantity from 10 to 0.1. The changes should reflect on your end within 15-20 mins :handshake:

Hey! I am also facing same issue with NYSE:TXT
Minimum is currently 2

Can you please decrease it? Thank youu

We reduced the stock’s min quantity to 0.1 :ok_hand:

Welcome to the Community, by the way :tada:

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Cool! (Super fast!!l)
Thank you

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Maybe there is a problem because again it says “Min traded Quantity: 10”. Thanks again for the very fast assist though!

Hey, @johny2021. The minimum trading quantity of TXT was reduced to 0.1 shares. As your case seems isolated, I’ve just sent you a DM. :mailbox:

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding, I was answering to B.E for my previous question about the Nasdaq instrument (NDAQ - STOCK - US), which he told me that the min quantity was reduced to 0.1 but I still get 10 in the app. Thanks for the fast answer though!

Apologies, @johny2021 :pray:

Let me double-check this for you, and I will update the thread shortly.

No problem, take your time no rush! @Michael.M

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Hey, @johny2021 :wave:

Quick update - the minimum trading quantity of NDAQ is now reduced to 0.1 shares. :v:

Thank you so much! Now it’s working nice

Hi again! Is there any chance of “Vanguard S&P 500” instrument changed to fractional? For now the minimum quantity is 1 and it’s expensive for small portfolios. Sorry if I’ve asked many times to lower an instrument quantity :sweat_smile:

Hi, @johny2021 :wave:

I’ve checked all Vanguard S&P 500 variants that we offer, and they seem to already be fractionable. Could you share the ticker of the one you’re referring to so I can double-check?

I’m referring to this instrument: (I maybe had told “Vanguard s&p 500 ETF”

That’s the CFD section. You’re not buying a stock here.

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What I’m asking is about CFD. @Scrooge_McCodf

We reduced the minimum trading quantity to 0.1 :ok_hand: