Buying non-fractional shares - minimum of 2


Some non-fractional shares require a minimum amount of 2 shares (but then I’m allowed to sell only one of them).
This is a strange behavior that I’ve never seen on other brokers.
It would be nice if you allow opening positions with a single non-fractional share.
Of course if you manage to get all your stocks fractional then this problem disappears.

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as for the minimum quantity, this is what Trading 212 replied to my inquiry:

We would like to kindly advise that different trading instruments can have different minimum trading quantities. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to trade below that minimum.
I can confirm that the minimum/maximum trading quantity is set by Trading 212.

Personally, neither I see the point of this minimum quantity and it would be great if Trading 212 explained the purpose of that.

Secondly, I think it is unlikely that all offered stocks will be available as fractional given the way they are traded (over-the-counter). If I get it right, Trading 212 acts as a market maker for fractional shares and bears the risk that if you buy 0.1 share of XYZ, there will be someone who buys the remaining 0.9 share of XYZ as soon as possible. This is probably easy for popular instruments but not for the others.

Thankfully the team of Trading212 are really accepting to making changes to stock requests.

If you have a stock whereby you wish the limit to be removed or fractional to be added, create a stock request and one of the team will get on it.

  • Post the stock, symbol and how much you wish it to be reduced by.

I personally asked for this with Southwest Airlines and they completed this request the next day.
Their ultimate goal is for nearly everything to be fractional, so keep your eyes posted as the new changes get released.