Cannot buy 1 stock


I am encountering a problem when trying to set an order. It says that “the quantity must be equal or greater than 2”:

Please advise.

Thank you!

Does the stock have a minimum order size?

That’s normal. If you click a stock and scroll to the bottom you have instrument details. Where you can check minimum amount you can purchase. Sometimes it’s below 1 (fractional shares), sometimes more than 1,but in most cases 1.

@drtinvest Let us know which security & we’ll lower the quantity (or make it available in fractional shares).

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Hi @David,

It was “SIX2.DE” (Sixt SE, ISIN DE0007231326), but already bought it via EToro.

Just for my personal curiosity, are these limits set by the owner or stock market where they are listed? (lol, maybe I didn’t think too much before asking this, because if it was a limit from stock market I wonder how then it was ok to purchase on EToro…)

@drtinvest It’s now available in fractional shares for as little as $0.62.

@David , thank you for the prompt reaction.

In regards to my question, can you clarify it for me a bit? Thanks

@drtinvest I can only think of one type of similar limit - on foreign ownership. For example, a UK company setting a 50% limit on foreign ownership.

Can’t buy stock either, everytime I try to place a order or a pending order I get this message

You can not have more than 0 position open

Any idea please

Hi David,

By any chance you can do the same for Eaton Corporation (NYSE:ETN) please? Thanks.

The instrument is fractional.

Hi can you please make NYSE:NVR fractional?

Hey can you also make GDDY Fractional I also get the same Error that I can not buy less than 2 shares , though if I make the purchase via a PIE I was able to buy 0.233 for example.
Please assist me on this , this is an ideal time for purchase :slight_smile:


The instrument is fractional now.