Cannot place order even if I have sufficient funds


As seen below, I have sufficient funds available to be able to issue an order, but still, it states I am trying to place more than 95% of the free funds:

Can you please advise?

Thank you!

Limit orders actually use current price when determining Limit. So the price you highlighted is not looked on by system but number of stocks x current price…

lol… why are they called LIMIT orders then?

it even states “set the maximum price you are willing to pay”…

LIMIT order works fine in sense of buying, just that the “Limitation of funds” error you see is configured in particular way, which doesn’t reflect the Limit price, but rather uses Current price when calculating how much free funds is required.

Anyway functionality wise Limit order works fine, you just need more Free funds.

They are working to remove this “limitation of funds” for Limit orders.

a LIMIT order works on a FIXED price. Everything is calculated and revolves around that defined price.

How can you say you calculate “limitation of funds” on Market value when you do not set a market value order? It makes no sense…

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I am explaining how it is and that t212 is working on solution.

so it is a bug :slight_smile:

and I disagree with the statement that “functionality wise Limit order works fine”, because currently they do not function as expected

good luck for the devs to hopefully fix this soon

I would personally call it a technical feature.

If you set 100s of Limit Orders, and due to market volatility all of them trigger in same time, it is possible that total cost of purchase can exceed the Free funds.

Limit order doesnt mean order will fill at set price. It just triggers market order once the price is reached, given volatile nature, execution price can be lower or higher. So having this buffer made sense imho.

Stop Limit order is the one where you set Limit price and stop price, which would technically limit max price paid.

It does. Set price or better.

What you are describing is here is how a ‘Stop’ order works. :slight_smile:

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So then my thinking on the logic of the free funds has no basis. :slight_smile:
It is minor nuisance, but hopefully resolved in future.

Thank you guys for the feedback!


Have a nice day!

Thanks for this. Appreciated. :beer:

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Btw, I never closed a position on a limit (a fixed price) before, and that video is not showing the Invest mode and looks different than my UI (@George, maybe these should be updated or transformed in to some KB articles with current/updated views)

@George: just to double check: Will it open a Sell position or close the current Buy position?

there is no “take profit” available in my interface…

Thank you.

@drtinvest one more thing I’d like to point out. If your account is in EUR but the stock you’re buying is (for instance) in USD, the 95% protection still makes sense. Even though the price per share is limited, the exchange rate is always a variable.

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In the Invest account you can only sell what you already own. In other words - yes, a Sell order will close or reduce your open position (depending on the quantity you’re selling).

The video you’ve linked explains how orders in the CFD account work.

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Thank you for the confirmation.

So where can we find videos for the Investing account then?
And why some features are not available in both (like the trailing stop one for example)?