Limit order up to 95% of free funds


I noticed that I cannot create limit orders that result in more than 95% value of my available free funds.

It’s just annoying because after the order gets executed then I have to create a new one to buy all the shares I wanted.

Why does the 95% limitation exist? Can it be removed?



I hope this helps you:

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@BullChew, I can understand that for market orders. But for a limit order I should have a guarantee, that’s the whole point of limit orders, right?


I have discussed this earlier. See Limit buy order won't get approved


@David I see you have context on this issue as per your replies on similar posts.

Is there a plan to lift this restriction as well?

@diegos Planning to do so, probably after we launch pending orders for fractional shares.


It appears that there is no such limit when you use “value” instead of “number of shares” when you create a market order. Just cleared all my free funds at once :smiley:

It also allows very detailed fractional stock amounts such as 0.024047

Is there any updates on removing the 95% fund restriction on limit order?

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Can someone clarify how this works with stamp duty? If I have £200 available and I buy £200 worth of stocks, do lose some of the stock due to having to pay for stamp duty?

Hello @Robinws,

The value of your order includes everything that would be required to open the position - meaning that the stamp duty will be included in those £200.