Can't find almost any ETFs in the app

When searching in the app, I can’t find almost any ETFs that are listed as available in the website (Browse stocks and ETFs | Trading 212).

For example, searching for “500” in the website list gives 42 results. Same search for “500” in the app gives only 2 results.

I see there is another thread with same problem. However, it’s about one specific instrument and there isn’t any general solution.

Example screenshot 1:

Example screenshot 2:

New EU customers don’t have access to all the instruments. Have a search and find the thread.

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Tried searching but couldn’t find it, as I have no idea really what the thread is about.
Maybe someone could add a link to it?

Thanks @Scrooge_McCodf !
For anyone else who may be reading this, here is the mentioned thread and comment explaining this.

More products will be rolled out gradually this month. ETA for reaching equivalence with T212 UK is probably the end of September at the soonest.