Can't find ETF listed on Trading 212's website

Their website lists an ETF I’m interested in but I can’t find the very same ETF when searching through the app. Is this normal?

The ETF in question is BTCE, formally known as “hanetf BTCetc Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto”.

If you search “btce” under it shows up. However, it doesn’t on the app.

I have contacted Trading 212’s support to get an official response on this but I’m getting extremely ambiguous answers so I wonder if anyone else here has more info on this?


Good question. My guess is it may be unavailable in the UK due to this announcement:

@bernat The mentioned ETF wasn’t eligible for trading due to some restrictions. However, after another check-up, we noticed that the status has been changed & you’ll be able to trade the ETF.


Amazing, thanks @Martin!

this tracks bitcoin price right? should it be allowed in an ISA? (it currently is) if so then this is quite good as you can effectively buy bitcoin in your ISA using this ETF…doesn’t sound like it should be allowed.

edit: researched a bit and according to the website it says ‘ISA Eligible: Yes’ , so looks like it is allowed. seems interesting but 2% fee is quite steep.

There’s also this one from 21Shares (fee of 1.49% per annum), but I think it might be ineligible due to the FCA ban mentioned above.

I didn’t even know about that ETF that’s pretty cool :wink:

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My interpretation of the aforementioned FCA ban is that it applies to derivatives, which this ETF is not since it’s backed by actual BTC in safe custody which can even be claimed/redeemed if you wish.

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is that isted on 212?