Can't find pending orders in beta version

Hi, where is the pending order option in the latest beta version of the app. This query is both for the web and mobile versions.

By the way, I am (by default) being directed to the beta version and can’t really go back to the current version even when i type the url without /beta in there. It is okay for now but it’s just my observation.

I Would like to know where I can see the pending orders on mobile app iOS…
As far as I know isn’t possible unless you go one by one share you hold.

Portfolio > tap on stock > below your investment there is a box called pending orders (when there are pending orders)

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where is that? app iOS?

Yes. Pending order are shown above company details

These are only for each individual company though, not the portfolio total which I kinda wish would be somewhere (although could be in the make already don’t know).

@Machintosh to go back to the old version

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Thank you… appreciate it :slight_smile: @Etypsyno

oh okay, thanks @chantal… i completely missed that earlier…

I can’t find that. Should be the only one…