How to identify Pending Orders on T212app/IOS


Anyone can help me with that?
I know I have some pending orders but I don’t remember witch stocks are.
Anyone can tell me how I can identify those? For costumer chat help and email I only get standard replies…

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If you go to Settings > History > Orders does it show Pending in the app?

Unfortunately no

Thank you

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Anyone know and can help me?

Very sad no one can help with that. I know is easy on the laptop version but I don’t use at all.

Have the same issue on the Android app. Can anyone indicate how you see a list of open orders?

Is this a functionality omission or just me being a lousy app user? No wisecrack comments

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Its very strange,

Is a very very important function, and no one is capable to explain. From the support team is unclear also. I sent an email and had a standard reply…but with no solution.


do understand that some questions get answers after a couple days rather than hours. you not only need someone who can answer, they need to want to answer you and have the time/be willing to do so.

Had I an iPhone you would have received the answer already but I am an android user and not familiar with the differences between the apps. I don’t have pending orders most of the time so don’t particularly search for such things when away from my PC. @Team212 will know more about the intricacies between the different platforms.

If you absolutely need to check your pending orders, you can load up the web platform to check, it has a very clear tab icon at the bottom of the screen to display this.

No there’s no way of knowing I’m the app for some reason, other than clicking on each stock and seeing if there’s a pending order on it


I am not aware of any way of checking either. I have had to go one by one in the past.

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That s what I understand. If you got many stocks, you need to search in everyone to find the pending orders, isn’t practical/quick to do that : (

Hopefully someone from the @Team212 will improve that, or explain how we can do that


That reminds me of something I keep forgetting to ask for. I want to be able to swipe through investments instead of having to go back to the investment tab and into the next stock. Just a swipe either way to take you to the next stock in the list. That would be so helpful