Pending Order List in Apple App

Hi there,
The ability to see pending orders appears to have been removed from the Apple App (fairly recently) - is there any way to to now see the list of pending orders, on said App, other than go through all stock until finding? If not viable on Apple App, is this likely to return and/or does it exist on other App platforms (note: I only use Apple app currently). Thx

Hey, @Jondcfc :wave:

You can still see pending orders in the Investments tab for instruments that you don’t own yet, Microsoft, in the example below.

If you have a pending order for an instrument that you have shares of, the only way to see the pending order(s) is to open the instrument’s page. We haven’t made any recent changes when it comes to how the pending orders are visualised, yet we’re working on making some improvements in the future.

Good morning!
So far, for me, the only real issue I could mention about T212 is that there is no clear overview of all pending orders.
This puzzles me a lot. I think a well respected investment app as is T212, should give its users this overview so they can update/cancel orders up till the very last moment (to free up budget for new orders especially).
It is very hard for me to believe I m the only one struggling with keeping track of the outstanding orders over time.
Can you give me an update if this issue has been signalled before and if so, will be dealt with in the near future?
Thanks a lot for your update and time.

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Not sure if this is going to be a satisfactory solution - but you can see all pending orders on the web app. Switch to Advanced Mode, click on the home icon (Advanced View). At the bottom of the screen there is a clock icon, click on it and it will display all pending orders. Well hidden by the T212 developers and not available on mobile devices :neutral_face:


Really helped me a lot to find one stock in a cake which is blocked by some temporary exchange rule.