Can't login "invalid credential" password reset emails not arriving

I’m concerned my account may have been compromised; And I see no way to contact T212 quickly in this circumstance. Both the webpage and app tell me “invalid login credentials” and pressing the reset password button doesn’t generate an email to me. Help?

Help is here, @stevo125 - I’ve sent you a DM, so please check your inbox and we’ll have this resolved before you know it :mailbox:

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Replied. Thank you.


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Circling back for anyone that comes across this thread via google search or whatever.

T212 were amazing and super quick in dealing with this. My account was locked down within minutes, I’ve been contacted by PM and support ticket, and after providing requested proof of ID I’m now back in my account and have been provided sound advice on how to secure my account in future. 10/10

Thanks to those involved in helping.


Anytime, @stevo125!