Carnival ccl.l being kicked off ftse100

Carnival is being kicked off the ftse100. I hold a small position. How will this affect the carnival shares I own on your platform

Apart from ETFs following FTSE100 having to dump the stock, nothing will happen to stock you own. More volatility possible…

It could result in a small drop in price… however we cannot predict the stock market :wink:

But if your invested for the long term it could only be a bump in the road for them.

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I have stock in carnival and I’m going to hold at least until things go back to normal. I wouldn’t worry if I were you it’s only gone from ftse because of corona.

FTSE100 is just the index. It isn’t off the LSE, it’s still in the main market.

It just means it’s been overtaken by other companies with better market cap. Knocked out of the top 100.

Probably will lose a very small amount off from a popularity point of view, but nothing has changed.

Thanks for the response guys.