Missing CCL stock

Since the latest update I noticed that all ishares etf’s have migrated to the bottom of the list! That isn’t a problem but one of my stocks (carnival ccl) gbx has gone missing I also have USD ccl which is still there.

I still have CCL ? What exactly do you mean? Could you show a screenshot?

I have two ccl stocks in my invest account one is 200 shares NYSE USD. And the one that is not showing in my stocks list is 20 shares LSE GBX. I could take a screen shot if it would help but it would be a screen shot of nothing there!

This is mine, carnival plc Unsure why yours is not there. Check your history tab and see if there’s been any transactions of the stock. That’s all I can personally offer

I have checked my history and there have been no recent transactions. If I do a search it comes up all intact as it should be 20 shares etc. Its just not showing up in my current live stocks list. What should I do now? Who do I need to contact to get it sorted?

I’ll invite them to comment, as I can’t really help? Could I just ask though if when you add up the total of your portfolio does it add up to your account balance at the top? Meaning is CCL accounted for in your account balance or is it missing?

The account balance is correct it includes the missing CCL and the number of stocks shows as 39 which is correct but when I physically count them there are only 38! This has only happened today when the app updated!

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Ok just seems like a UI problem, meaning that it’s just not showing up in your portfolio. It seems like the shares are still there so I wouldn’t worry. Just hopefully can get it patched in a new update and it will show up again. Hopefully the Trading 212 team can help

Okay, many thanks for your help…

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