Where is the sell button gone on carnival

I just sold a bunch of stock. i want to sell more and move the money to IAG but the sell button is not there is this an error or is 212 trading doing something weird. explain please this is is a invest not cfd

Do you have ccl in a pie?

possibly i will check. i do think this is more of a technial thing but never sure these days

I see fairly often that people can’t sell, almost always it’s just that they have their position in a pie and need to export it first. Hope that fixes it for you. Search is your friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That was it i forgot i made cruise liner pie and been adding on top of it. was up 15% wish i had more than 100 from the time i invested it. any way time to see if IAG grows and if my student loan comes in time to reinvest in carnival

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you’re investing with student loans? Dutch I assume?

Of course I sell and it goes up. why does this happen.