CFD advanced aggregation plus hedging mode

An advanced trading mode would be very beneficial for many scenarios. With hedging mode you can’t modify the size of existing positions, yet you can hedge in the opposite direction. Hedging is very useful especially where you want temporarily protect a position from a market pullback and don’t want to affect your other position. The issue is with hedging mode as stands is you can’t modify the size of existing positions, aggregation mode essentially does this.

I want the ability to do both.
This could be solved either by offering a resize option on existing positions in hedging mode or with an add position option in aggregation mode. Resizing a position in hedge mode offers additional benefits as sometimes you only want to take partial profits rather than closing your full position.

Thank you for providing us with your feedback, @ajmcgarry :pray:

Actually, it is possible to reduce the size of a position in hedging mode while holding multiple positions with the same instrument.

For example, let’s say that you have a 10-unit long position with company XYZ and a short position once again with XYZ for the same quantity. If you’d like to trim the long position, you can press on it > select the “Market Order” tab > choose the opposite direction (Sell in this case since you’re trimming the long position) > manually enter the quantity, for example, 5 units > confirm the order.

Once you confirm the order, you will reduce the long position by 5 units and lock in any profits or losses. Of course, the other 10-unit short position will remain open, and nothing will change with it. It’s worth noting that, for the moment, you can trim positions this way only via a market order. However, I understand how improving this process can make life easier, and I’ll pass your feedback to the team as we strive to constantly enhance the app and its interface :raised_hands:

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Thanks for that. if those buy/sell controls for a highlighted position were available in the main UX this would be perfect.