Partial Take Profit

It would be nice to have an option on a TP or maybe even an SL to only partially close a position.


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider it.

By the way, you can use one limit order to sell part of your equity at a specific price and then another order to sell the rest of it at a different price.

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Would that be specific to aggregation mode. I don’t see how you can do this in hedging mode in CFDs. A new limit order would create a new position. Modifying an existing position only provides market order function in hedging mode

I was referring to Invest/ISA. When using one of those account types, you can take out part of the profits, but this option is unavailable for leveraged accounts. Although you can partially close a position in CFD accounts, you can’t specify the price at which each unit will be sold.

Regardless, we have in mind your feedback :writing_hand: If there are any developments, I’ll let you know.

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Yes! The ability to set partials in CFDs would be awesome.

I actually suggested exactly this in the link below, but had no reaction :neutral_face:

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Sorry that we didn’t react in that thread. We are collecting and evaluating all the feedback we receive so you can be sure your suggestion didn’t go unnoticed.

Thanks and appreciate that! :slight_smile: