[CFD] Upcoming Increase in Margin Requirements - postponed for 01.12.2020

Not to mention the spreads on Nio could widen drastically too putting you in a bad position.

I’ve heard tradingview is a great platform actually. I may do the same, tradingview+eToro.


Personally I wouldn’t, I’ve tried IG and I find their platform truly awful!
T212 is without doubt the best platform I’ve ever used, even better than Barx-fx back in the days.
Let’s just hope T212 manage to fix the teething issues and these bombshells don’t occur in the future!


@Paddington Interesting. I’m curious. Which features due you find superior in T212 compared to other platforms?

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For me, very clean UI, clear information/details about instruments, easy to quickly check out stocks on mobile and PC, ability to add indicators and to draw on the detailed screens (which strangly not all platforms offer build-in).

The only downside for me is that on T212 you can’t pick a leverage on CFD’s. You have to use the leverage T212 gives you.

If I had a choice, I would never leave T212. But with the leverage change I hardly have a choice.

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What will be the minimum amount I would need to trade now with new change im new to trading and had started with just £150 as I don’t have 1000s to start with

Perhaps this post is of use:

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This tells you the amount you need to stay at your current %. What would be very helpful is a calculator that tells you how much you need to stay above the position close level. As for most people dumping the required cash is going to be unfeasible.

I for one would be happy to sit at say 40% knowing I did not close anything.

He will have 42 pounds to spare, if his account drops by 42 pounds he will hit the 25% minimum required , therfore may have a position closed, is that right?

I hadn’t even thought of that! I’m gonna play it safe and close both my positions on Monday then.

And yes, one could argue that tradingview is even better than T212 when it comes to charts and drawing tools.

Thanks for your advice bud, all the best with your trading journey and I’ll see you in eToro :slight_smile:

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Let me get a beer and see what I can do


I agree, the clean interface is a big plus.
However, in peak times the service is lagging in significant ways, eg. long order processing, chart data being unavailable, login takes ages etc.

These and the unexpected changes in swaps, margin requirements, shutting down services on a whim, notifying users of one thing, the next day changing those very conditions etc. makes impossible for adequate planning, risk management etc.

It is a pitty T212 being a software platform with great potential yet choice and execution of business processes are in shambles.

Indeed, the option to select leverage ratio would be great. Would give greater space for risk nanagement.

I am very much in favour of T212 when it is working smoothly.


Updates made. You can now input the margin % you would be comfortable sitting at. Remember margin call is 50% and positions close at 25%


Tradingview is awesome for idea sharing and analyses. Very detailed views of stocks and loads of indicators to use. Too bad it isn’t a broker… I’ve always used it together with T212.

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I agree with you ! 212 is the only one with excellent rating on Trustpilot, all the rest are hideous by what I read ! Better stay with the devil you know …

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Excellent work!

Margin call is 45%.

Instead of everyone leaving maybe it would better if we somehow as a community help @Team212 build a better product/platform.

People should not leave just because of a couple of difficult moments. The reality is we are all here because it is the best platform. With our help and constructive criticism they can continue to be the best next year as well.

On my end I would like to congratulate @Team212 and @Tony.V for their response and for listening to us.

In the past couple of weeks there have been issue where they had to make difficult decisions
Of course some of the decisions have not been too popular, but they do need to keep T212 afloat and profitable or they will not be here next year.

And I believe that even some of the decisions were in the best interest of the company they did eventually listen to the community.

I congratulate them for finding a balance between keeping T212 afloat and keeping us, as users, happy.


Is it? It’s always been 50% for me!

My blocked funds are at £9100 and my margin is 44% currently. I have a balance of £8170. How much will I need to make it to 50%. ?


Why not input those numbers here.

I just read “Tuesday” earlier and breathed a sigh of relief.

Now I’m thinking about the time. Is there any significance to your phrase “after the start of the US session”? All the US instruments that I use on CFD are available on the pre-market from 09:00 each day. 14:30 is only significant to ISA/INVEST.

Perhaps I’m overanalysing your wording?

Also, I’ve just noticed that the market times for Apple, Amazon, Tesla, etc. in the CFD platform are currently showing as 14:30 to 17:59, i.e. there is no pre or post-market. Is that intentional? Will we be able to trade US instruments from 09:00 until the end of the post-market on both Monday and Tuesday?

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